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Piano Lessons for all skill levels:

Whether you are brand new to music or just haven’t taken music lessons in a while and are now looking to return, this is the perfect place for you.

Located in Waikele -We welcome all ages and levels of students, from age 6 to adult. Both newcomers to the piano as well as those with past music experience will be gladly accepted! Students who are just starting out will develop a very strong foundation, while experienced students will quickly soar past their previous abilities.

Here's what to expect during piano lessons:

-During piano lessons, students will develop their skills until they can learn how to play their favorite songs on the piano! All students will learn proper technique, how to read sheet music, how to practice, and how music theory works. Many students have used this theory knowledge to help them create their own music!

-Each student learns differently and has a different approach to music. Piano lessons can be tailored to fit the method that works best for each student, so that every lesson gives an effective and efficient way for them to learn.

-For children, I will begin teaching them the fundamentals of music from the start. They will learn how to read music, identify keys, chords and rhythms, and also learn important concepts and terminology that will help them throughout their life with music appreciation and expertise. I will make appropriate assignments for each student, which will allow them to build their musical abilities and become confident with the piano. Particularly as students progress to the intermediate level, they are always welcome to suggest their own selections, based on the music that interests them the most.

-For adults, I believe it’s even more important for you to learn to play the music that you enjoy most, while simultaneously building strong music fundamentals. I also want to strongly emphasize that you can learn piano as an adult! It is largely a myth that adults will have a harder time learning an instrument than children, due to biological reasons. If they can truly commit to their learning, adults actually end up having more learning advantages overall, compared to their disadvantages.

Cost for lessons:

Tuition will be $105 per month.

This cost includes weekly 30 minute private lessons at a time reserved for you, personalized assignments in an exclusively offered practice journal, customized versions of songs, performance opportunities, a weekly listening and overview of piano history/repertoire, and more. The first consultation lesson is free to trial.

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